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What do we do?

Firstly We create plain and stragety . we meet your brand and you...
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We help move your works in the internet and we help improve your bussines.
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Internet Advertisement

We will Plain and Make your Bussines and Brands need digital solution .
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We love doing our job,We work hard for the best.
We are happy! Because we have a solid reason to get up early in the morning and sleep late at night; WE LOVE OUR BUSINESS.
Web Design and Social Media used, phone application and Google Adwords advertisement mean firstly come in mind Basamak Bilişim most Creative
solution full time for give , web design process ourself preparing with CRM and Projects adminstrator System we will follow all step.

Our İmportant Rules !

We Make like Love Our works.
We more study for best

Responsive Design

Your Site Doesnt Only on Computer ; it works phone,tablet such another devices .


We heed your site and security. so we take all prevention.

Basic Used

Far to mixed, Clean, we create very basic used web site. We will rescue you..

Friendly Seo

Your Site will codes with compatible , so your site very basic meet by searcg enginee.

Free Support

We can give free support after projects delivery, we can ask your mind all of thems question.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity, the most important your represent factor.
Free Analysis Form

    What can i do ?
    We can follow actual standart and we make with them Unique desings and improve design technologhy.
    • We can analysis in design stage need of customer. We can preparing compatible customers idea..
    • We believe need design topic remove all of them question mark , We know this importat value so We will create main and interface design.

    Security Code

    The most important security code . Web page user dont like non security website , google can find this after then it decrease your value.

    Modern Web Design

    Modern web design very important. Security , Responsive or Functions than more important effect to visual design for visitors.


    Responsive Web Design mean comportable all of them devices. we can ussualy hear name s this web design shapes firstly create 2010 years and last a few years make popular in the words.

    Basic used

    We Create fair to mixed , clear , basic used web site. We rescue you mixed design.

    Friendly Seo

    We writing Friendly code for Seo so your site basicly meet by search enginee.

    Free Support

    We will ask your mind all question mask in your mind so we give free support project delivery.
    Happy Customers
    Success Seo
    More Than Experience
    Complate Projects
    Our Customers what think about us ?

    According to Basamak , Producers only problems should’nt gain money ;We think producers gain customers believe and friendly, infact producers should gain customers hearth. .

    Şimdi İzle

    Neler Yapıyoruz ?
    • Design idea estetic line ,Some principle one purpose by orient , organization and this app create process.
    • This process complate after than create online a web page.
    • Web Design (online web site) app after than client access with a web browser to web sites..
    • When selecting an enterprise model, it is important to know the trends of the users to examine the trends, to conduct market research, to determine the needs of the target audience and to enter the growing e-commerce market..
    • According to the results of many researches conducted on E-Commerce, entrepreneurs who want to establish a new company or want to grow their current business reach their goals by moving their business to online system.
    • E-Commerce, which can accommodate many sectors in this sense, is suitable for almost every business model but at the same time it has the opportunity to bring its brands to bigger targets and many more customers with lower advertising budgets.